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Back on my toes

Last week I had minor surgery on a couple of toes, which made for the most wonderful vacation I have ever had.

Three days of sleeping, reading a novel, sitting on the back porch – and being waited on.

On the fourth day, I was maneuvering crutches like a pro. Bob decided we should go out for a real breakfast. We drove to Kathy’s Country Kitchen in Clay City, and instead of heading back home we decided to take a leisurely drive through the area.

We stopped at a roadside stand and bought local vegetables and a couple of fried apple pies, made by a lady at the farmer’s church. On up the road we stopped at Townsend’s Sorghum Mill and market. We bought honey and sorghum, and small gala apples.

We left home for a hearty country breakfast and came home with ingredients for several meals.