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Unfamiliar brands worth a try

Cutting the grocery bill isn’t easy when you like to try new products and recipes. So, if you’re searching for food bargains and don’t mind trying unfamiliar brands, visit Aldi and Save-A-Lot.

Big Lots is another option. Just be sure to check the expiration dates. It’s not a good buy if it expires before you can eat it. Last week at Big Lots, I found a great bottle of extra virgin olive oil, imported from Italy, for $3.50.

Anita Gray of Winchester told me she loves the new Save-A-Lot grocery store in Winchester. The store doesn’t carry everything she needs, but it’s worth a trip. Many products are comparable to the national brands, she said.

While in Winchester on Saturday Bob and I stopped by the store at 755 Ecton Road, just off Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Just to check it out. I bought Green Giant golden potatoes, fresh tomatoes that were quite good for February, and a few basic items such as vermicelli, dried beans, plastic food containers, and frozen Jimmy Dean sausage. The surprise: A carton of Ale-8s, in the town where it’s bottled, was 10 cents higher than Meijer in Hamburg. But everything else was priced a lot less than at the mega markets.
Aldi is worth a trip
Anita Courtney of Lexington said she visited Aldi for the first time last week. “They  keep their prices low by carrying a limited number of products and using a number of innovative methods ( The two main brands are ones I had never heard of before: Fit and Active and Millville. I bought several items and we liked them.
“Their paper products and cleaning supplies were much cheaper than Kroger and the quality of the items I bought was good (napkins, paper towels, glass cleaner).
“There’s lots of stuff I would never buy, and I wouldn’t do all my shopping there, but I think it’s well worth a once or twice a month visit. Even if you don’t like it, it’s worth a one time visit because it is so unique,” Courtney said.