Wine caddy vacation souvenir was a bargain

Last month, when my husband and I were at the Little River Shrimp Festival in North Carolina, we bought a metal wine caddy from a couple who sells them at area events. The caddy we chose is a chef holding a fish platter and I use it to hold my very best bottle of olive oil. We paid less than $30 for it.

The selection was limited at the art fair, and when this press release arrived, I realized what a bargain I got. My metal caddy isn’t from H & K Recycled Metal Art, but it’s a very nice piece.

Wine Caddy Sculptures, from H & K Recycled Metal Art, are  hand-crafted metal art pieces made from recycled steel and copper by European artisans designed to stylishly present any wine or fine liquor bottle.  Preserving old world craftsmanship, each piece is individually bent, cut, welded and brushed, resulting in an original work of art.  Cost is $29 – $119,  Go to

Caddy Group Low Res

Here are some of the designs from H & K Recycled Metal Art.