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Richmond cook has a hit on her hands on YouTube

Betty Givan

Photo courtesy YouTube

Betty Givan of Richmond will upload her 1,000th “Betty’s ­Kitchen” video to YouTube on Friday.
Her cooking show is such a hit, she now is a member of YouTube’s Partner Program, which means she shares advertising revenue.
It started in 2009, when she was watching a football game on TV with her family. Givan had made nachos for the group, and on a lark, she and her daughter Chelsea decided to make a video and upload it to YouTube. “They were so good, we thought other people might want to make them for a Super Bowl party,” she said.
They created a channel page, uploaded the video, and when the comments were “all good, it encouraged me to make something else,” Givan said.
The first week, Givan uploaded four Super Bowl recipes. She had been collecting recipes since she was 12 and thought YouTube videos would be a perfect way to organize and preserve her recipes for the family.
Givan’s husband, Rick, took over as videographer, and the two began uploading videos three times a week. The couple are retired from Eastern Kentucky University.
The number of viewers has grown during the past 2½ years, to more than 28,000 subscribers, and her site has had more than
9 million views. “About a third are from outside the U.S.,” Givan said. She attributes her success to ­Southern recipes that are easy to make.
Givan’s recipes are ­available at as A Year in ­bettyskitchen and A Second Year in bettyskitchen as print books, e-books, and downloads. You can watch her videos at