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Back on my toes

Last week I had minor surgery on a couple of toes, which made for the most wonderful vacation I have ever had.

Three days of sleeping, reading a novel, sitting on the back porch – and being waited on.

On the fourth day, I was maneuvering crutches like a pro. Bob decided we should go out for a real breakfast. We drove to Kathy’s Country Kitchen in Clay City, and instead of heading back home we decided to take a leisurely drive through the area.

We stopped at a roadside stand and bought local vegetables and a couple of fried apple pies, made by a lady at the farmer’s church. On up the road we stopped at Townsend’s Sorghum Mill and market. We bought honey and sorghum, and small gala apples.

We left home for a hearty country breakfast and came home with ingredients for several meals.

We drive to Clay City when we need comfort food

Even with high gas prices, we still make our occasional trip to Kathy’s Country Kitchen in Clay City. On a beautiful summer night, the drive is worth the additional cost.

On Wednesday night, my brother Gary and sister-in-law Dianna went with us and on this visit, we had to ask if there was a new cook in the kitchen.

Actually there are two — Erik Fountain and Rebecca Johnson.

They both have been there for several months, but together they’re really putting out great food. The food is always good, but last night’s dinner was more like Mom’s.

We like going to Kathy’s for country style steak, potato cakes, fried green tomatoes, yeast rolls, bean soup, and strawberry pretzel salad. Since Mom died, it’s the only place we can get homemade food that reminds us of being at her kitchen table.

Mom always cooked lunch on Saturdays and we all made sure we were free to be there. Our children’s fondest memories are of Saturday’s spent with Grandma Myrtle and Grandpa Claude.

As long as Kathy’s serves meals like our Mom cooked, we won’t let $4 a gallon gas keep us away.

Oh, by the way, gas prices are about 10 cents a gallon cheaper in Clay City than Lexington, so we top off the tank while there!

Kathy’s Country Kitchen is at 20 Black Creek Road in Clay City. Call (606) 663-4179.