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A new way for restaurateurs to use the dinner roll

In the March/April issue of My Foodservice News, editor Anna Deeds writes about a new way of using the dinner roll.

The idea came from Dave Orio, the regional account manager for Bakery de France, a company that specializes in high quality European breads and pastries.  While working with dinner rolls in his kitchen one day he came up with the idea for soup shooters — dinner rolls with the center cut out and then filled with a small amount of soup.

Restaurateurs are serving them three on a plate, which fits into the “mini” trend, and the opportunity to try three different soups.

Orio said one of the difficulties of selling a product like dinner rolls is that restaurateurs only see them as having one use. “Customers say to me, ‘That’s a very large case [of rolls] and we have no room in the freezer,’” he said. Being able to say, “It’s not just a dinner roll,” when selling his product has given Orio an edge over his competition.

To take Soup Shooters to the next level, Orio ran the idea by one of his colleagues, Executive Chef Arron at The Allentown Brew Works. Chef Aaron Custer loved the idea and thought they would make an excellent lunch feature. Arron said the dish could be served to  customers at a low price while still making a large profit.

Deeds suggests people in the foodservice industry work together to find new uses for every-day ingredients.