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Taping TV videos more trying than fun

I’ve done it twice, and I now can talk about it.

Taping 13 videos for the WKYT-TV’s Quick Take cooking segments that air on Fridays is painful. My feet and legs hurt after two days of standing for 8 to 10 hours each day. And my stomach aches for a week before the shoot. I stress over which recipes to choose, plates to use, and about the way I look.

Only a few people see me when I’m in the office, and really, nobody cares about what I wear, or if my lipstick clashes with my outfit, or if my new hair color is complimentary – or not.

When writing a Weekender dining column or an a la carte food story, I can change my mind a dozen times about a lead. If I use the wrong tense of a verb, an editor will catch it.

Video is a whole new ballgame.

Make-up, nail polish, and hairstyle matter. The way I talk is important. If I forget a line or get tongue-tied, we have to start over.

But we move on, thanks to WKYT videographer Chris Lipscomb, who is very patient, and Herald-Leader marketing coordinator Kathy Aldridge, who holds the recipe cards and gently reminds me when I include an ingredient not in the recipe, or delete one that is.

Housewarmings is where we tape the segments, and Housewarmings president
Ajay Gupta and his staff graciously let us use floral arrangements and tablescapes to change the set. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Because Housewarmings’ beautiful kitchen is for looks only – and not located near a supermarket – we’ve had to improvise with utensils and ingredients. Last week, I had to make broccoli pesto, seconds before we needed the jar of ready-made basil pesto I left at home, and wash herbs and spices off a chicken breast so we could use it for another dish.

What I have learned is to streamline my cooking. When the camera is rolling, it’s so much easier to use a tablespoon of a seasoning blend, instead of combining a variety of herbs and spices.

Beginning in July, many of the new Quick Take recipes are grilled and some of the prepared seasonings I used are from McCormick, which has introduced dozens of new products within the past few months.

I’ve tossed out many of my old spices and herbs and replaced them with the seasoning blends.
My favorite is the garlic-pepper blend in a grinder bottle which I discovered when Herald-Leader photographer Mark Cornelison and I were shooting photos for our Flavors of Kentucky cookbook. A grinding of garlic-pepper blend can jazz up any dish. Another product I like is Mediterranean spiced sea salt, which is infused with garlic, basil, oregano, lemon peel, red bell pepper, and a little red pepper heat. It’s great on pasta.

But now we’re good for another couple of months. I can go out to eat, and change my hair color if I like!